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for kids & non-drinkers Alison Wood creates Newmoonshines to spark pleasurable, positive & inquisitive relationships between people and tonic herbal medicines. She brings an alchemy of western herbalism, plant spirit communication, yogic meditation, aesthetics & earth-honoring to her medicinal offering.

Alison believes that medicinal herbs can help guide our bodies to greater states of balance than we thought possible, breaking patterns of habitual pain and shining light on our most authentic playful peaceful visionary loving selves.

Still (and always) with much to learn, Alison completed a nine-month full-time herbal medicine study at the California School of Herbal Studies in 2009 and a ten-month Ayurvedic program at the Dhyana Center of Health Sciences in 2010. She has attended workshops with Karyn Sanders & Matthew Wood, tends a medicinal plant garden and lives close to nature. Her study of consciousness & healing began to crystalize eleven years ago with a dedicated ongoing practice of Shadow Yoga.

Before all that, Alison earned a B.S. in Atmospheric Science and Oceanography from MIT, and in studying the physics of the fluid Earth she studied the anatomy of a living Gaia. For her, this scientific perspective reinforces the Ayurvedic and Yogic perspective that our bodies are Microcosms of the cosmic Macrocosm and our body systems mirror the Earth's elemental laws.

Alison has a two year old son, Solomon, who loves hyssop chamomile lavender tea with honey.